2007 Participant Wrap-up and Photo Gallery 2007

September 29th, 2007

Larry and Jana Goldstein, Coordinators

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Hosted by Fort Lewis College, the 2nd annual Durango Fall Blaze was held on Friday and Saturday September 28th - 29th, 2007. The weather held nicely! Tommy Danielson and a Cannon Blast started the Tour and the Police Escort lead the riders all the way to the top of Shalona from the center of campus. There were 5 Food/Aid Stations along the 100 mile Course, Subaru Support Vehicles on the course, and a Celebration at the finish line back in the center of campus, complete with Fabulous Food, Beverages, Music, and Beer!



The Folks Who Attended the Fall Blaze…


Who the Riders were…

Where the Riders came from…

  • Participants (with family and/or friends) came from 19 States and Canada
  • 39% were from Durango
  • 46% were from the Four Corners Region (including Durango)
  • 71% were from Colorado
  • 29% were from out-of-state


What in the heck did we accomplish…


What Riders, Sponsors, and Volunteers said…

                                      Dr. Mike Herman, Rider, Vero Beach Florida


                                       David Bruzzeze, Sponsor & Rider , Public Relations Officer, Mercy Regional Medical Center


                                       Meredith Mapel, Sponsor, Key Accounts Manager, Durango Coca Cola


                                       Matt Kelly, Sponsor & Rider, Product Marketing Manager, First National Bank of Durango


                                       Patti Rosenthal, Rider, Executive, Active.Com Network


                                       Nancy Brockman, Sponsor, Chimera Communications, Inc.


                                      Margie Dean Gray, Director & Volunteer , Fort Lewis College Foundation


                                        Tiffany Purcell, Rider, Durango 


                                       Carolyn and Eric Erdman, Riders, Silverton, CO


                                       Marvin L. Spyker, Rider, Law Office of Marvin L. Spyker, Frisco, CO


                                      Steve Schwartz, Rider, V.P. Business/Administration, Fort Lewis College


                                       Tom Danielson, Discovery Pro Cycling Team, Slipstream Pro Cycling Team 

                                      Jeni Turgeon, Rider, Riding & Ramblings Cycling Blog, Albuquerque


                                      Deni Dorminy, Volunteer, the Fabulous Helen’s Store Food/Aid Station 



Durango Herald Print Ad -  Full Color, Full Quarter Page, Page 2, Oct 15th


2007 Photo Gallery


6:30 a.m.  pre-arrival  


Notice the Cannon Blast Smoke rising behind Tom


Shalona Food/Aid Station

Steamworks Bartender - Kris


Tom - Signing Opportunity

Fabulous Fort Lewis College Cycling Team 


 Tommy D at theFabulous Shalona Food/Aid Station